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Sales Management

1. Why are sales territories required? Discuss the various stages in territory planning and suggest what type of territory planning is appropriate for the following cases
a) A company selling food products
b) A company selling holiday packages
c) A company selling bulk drugs to large pharma companies
2. Describe principles of effective presentation. How would you plan your sales presentation if you are a sales person, responsible for selling PCs to individual consumers?
3. Rajan, the regional sales manager of Hercules Motorcycles Ltd. (HML), has just completed the monthly meeting in his office with his six dealers of Chennai. Rajan is quite upset as the meeting did not go well as planned. The problem started with the targets for the next month he gave to the dealers. None of them was willing to accept it saying that the targets were too stiff and not achievable. The dealers were also not convinced about the ability of the proposed promotional support for the month helping them achieve the targets. The problem is compounded as 25 per cent of the margins to the dealers are directly linked to achieving their monthly targets
This is third month running that Rajan is facing the target issue with the dealers. Rajan strongly believes that (HML) and its sales management team understands the company needs, the competition and the prospects better and hence they can decide the targets for the dealers.
The dealers have been missing the targets in the previous two months. In the first month only two dealers beat the targets and in the second month only one dealer could meet his target. In the current third month targets just given to them are even stiffer as Rajan is under pressure from his VP-marketing to make up some of the losses of the previous two months. He is planning to meet five of his Bangalore dealers the next week and is sure to face a similar situation.
a. What should be the course of action taken by Rajan, to ensure that the targets are met?
b. Suggest a system of sales planning for the future to avoid such situations in future.

Customer Relationship Management

1. The marketing department of an educational institution requires to be innovative and offer the best and most relevant programs for students and executives who look upto them for career growth. Why is it important to custom create CRM solutions for marketing departments in the learning and development industry?
2. How can one nail customer expectations and deliver a CRM solution which is comprehensive and incorporates all factors that make up an effective solution?
3. You are entrusted with the responsibility of setting up a supermarket like Hypercity in a metropolitan city of India. Most important parameter of your success would be great customer service and customer satisfaction. You need to orient your team to ensure the project is a success by preparing and answering the following questions.
a. What aspects are customers most dissatisfied with in metros and small towns in India?
b. Discuss the elements of good customer service for supermarkets globally.

Treasury Management in Banking

1. Rohan got placed as a treasurer in reputed bank. In order to gauge his basic understanding, his manager ask him to prepare a short presentation on the various functions of Treasury Management. Help Rohan with his assignment.
2. You are appointed as a career counselor in a reputed Business School of Management. A final year student pursuing his specialization in Banking and Treasury approaches you to get the guidelines on the career prospects in treasury Management. Help him with his query
3. a) Banks are subject to various kinds of risk. As an operational manager prepare a presentation on the various kinds of risk that impacts the operations in treasury department.
3. b) Also describe in brief the various methods which are adopted by the bank Treasurer/Regulators in measuring these risk.

Insurance and Risk Management

1. Shayla is an actuarial in an insurance company. Few of the new joiners have been appointed as underwriter in their department. Shayla s manager asks her to prepare a short presentation on the various methods used by them in calculating the premium rate.
2. Mr. Sharma is looking for some insurance policies. Therefore, he is in a need of a competent insurance agent who can help him with the suitable polies as per his need. Highlight the important point which Mr. Sharma should consider while selecting his Insurance agent. Also Discuss what all sources he can explore for searching these agents.
3. Anurag Gupta bought a health insurance policy two days ago and was quite satisfied with his decision. He knew that his current lifestyle made him more prone to diseases and illnesses which could burn a deep hole in his pocket and that's why he bought a health insurance policy to cover health care cost.
But just after six days from the purchase of the policy, Anurag was diagnosed with a kidney stone and was advised to go for a Lithotripsy (surgery for removing stone).
He wasn't bothered about the cost as he knew that he had a health insurance plan to cover the cost. He got admitted and went for the surgery, but the big shock came when he was told that he hadn't completed the initial waiting period under his health policy and that's why his claim would not be accepted; the expenses will be borne by him.
With regard to the above case explain the following:
a. The concept of waiting period in health Insurance Policy
b. The important points which an insured should keep in mind while reading the clauses for the waiting period.

International Banking and Foreign Exchange Management

1. Casa bank was a domestic bank and was doing good in the Indian Market. The managers of the bank were planning to expand to global operations and decided to propose the same to the management. Prepare a short report on the strategies that would be required for successful internationalization of the bank.
2. Commercial banks offer an effective platform for effecting cross-border remittance transactions. These banks have an advantage of extensive networks across countries for sending and receiving international payments and settlement systems. Prepare a report on the factors that need to be taken care by the banks offering the services of foreign remittances to their customers.
3. Shiva has completed his Banking and Finance course and has joined the foreign exchange department in a bank. His profile would include transactions in various currencies for which he needs to understand the different quotations properly. Help Shiva to prepare a short report on:
a) Situations in which Direct Quote would be used
b) Situations in which Indirect Quote would be used

Capital Market and Portfolio Management

1. From the following information rank the mutual funds using Treynor ratio, if risk free rate of interest is 8%.
Mutual Funds Rp(Return) Standard Deviation Correlation coefficient with market MF1 22% 25% 0.6 MF2 24% 17% 0.5 MF3 15% 11% 0.45 Market 20% 23%
2. Calculate the return as per CAPM for each of the company s stock and identify and advice accordingly whether they are underpriced, overpriced or correctly priced. (Returns of T- Bill is 8%.)
Expected Return
Reliance Industries
3. Anil has completed his MBA and has joined a portfolio management company. The profile for which he was selected was to create and maintain the portfolio of retail clients. Before Anil interacted with the clients, his manager wanted to test his understanding of the same. In order to test his knowledge regarding investments, his manager ask him to prepare a presentation on:
a) Factors that impacts the investment decisions of a person.
b) Difference between the two main classes of financial instruments that an investor uses in their portfolios.

Strategic Cost Management

1. X Ltd has to replace its machine and the production manager has to decide between Machine A and Machine B. Machine A is having installation cost of 10,000 and annual electric bill 2000. Machine B has installation cost of 15,000 and annual electric bill of 1000. If both have life of 8 years which machine will you recommend if interest rate is 9 %.
2. A company manufacturing two products furnishes the following data for a year.
Annual Output Units
Machine hours
No. of purchase orders
No. of setups
The annual Overheads are as under:
Volume related activity cost ( Activity driver-Machine hours )
Setup related cost
Purchase related cost
You are required to calculate and compare cost per unit of each product based on Traditional method of charging overhead and Activity based costing method. (10 Marks)
3. ABC Limited is looking at a Project D with following projected cash flows: Year Inflows / (outflow) P .V Factor @ 15% P .V Factor @ 20% 0 (240,000) 1.000 1.000 1 25,000 0.870 0.833 2 75,000 0.756 0.694 3 150,000 0.658 0.579 4 150,000 0.572 0.482
Calculate and interpret results
a. NPV at 15 % & 20% (5 Marks)
b. IRR

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