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Employee Development & Talent Management

1. As the L&D manager, you are expected to evaluate the effectiveness of the Negotiation skills and managerial effectiveness training provided to employees. Suggest the steps in developing a training evaluation process. How would you use the Kirkpatrick model to evaluate the effectiveness of training?

2. An online digital marketing firm is hiring extensively for the position of Business Developers and Website developers. Suggest some talent assessment tools for the positions. Describe any 2 modern performance management methods can they consider for better Performance management? (10 Marks)

3. Most of the organizations indicate their interest in developing a good succession plan. However, Succession plan requires a systematic approach.
a) Suggest the steps involved in effective succession planning program. (5 Marks)
b) How is succession planning beneficial for organizations? (5 Marks)
Compensation and Benefits
1. ABC Ltd is a newly set up Textile Unit in Silvassa and you are hired as a compensation consultant. The first task you have is to recommend compensation strategies that ABC Ltd. may follow. Which factors will influence the compensation strategies?

2. You are a HR Manager in SATYAM Teleservices. In a recent meeting of the Board of Directors, it was decided that the exercise of job analysis will be undertaken to set the compensation management process rolling. Which methods will you recommend for job analysis process? (10 Marks)

3. LMC Pvt. Ltd is a recently set up Medium Enterprise operating in the IT sector. The company has 50 employees in which 20 are females. Company has decided to offer benefits to its employees. In this background, answer the following questions.

a. Which legally required benefits Company has to provide? (5 Marks)

b. What type of health care benefits the company can provide? (5 Marks)
Consumer Behaviour
Q1. Horlicks is an iconic health drink for kids. Over the years, the brand has introduced several variants of Horlicks. What is segmentation and targeting? Identify the type of segmentation done for each of the following:
1. Horlicks Chocolate for fussy children who like fun flavors
2. Mother’s Horlicks for pregnant women and lactating mothers
3. Junior Horlicks for newborns and infants
4. Horlicks Lite for calorie-conscious adults
(10 Marks)

Q2. Consider you are the marketing manager for a Protein supplement brand- MuscleOctane. MuscleOctane is a whey protein supplement targeted towards gym-goers who do heavy weight lifting and have protein requirement which are not met by regular diet. In context of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, conceptualize 2 ad campaigns for MuscleOctane that appeal to the Self-actualization need and the Safety need.
(10 Marks)

Q3. Enumerate the steps in a consumer’s decision-making journey for the following situations.
A) You have recently become conscious of your physical fitness and have started running 5 times a week. You think investing in a high-end fitness band will keep you motivated and help you monitor your progress. Being a complete newbie to fitness, you don’t have much of an idea about brands, features, pricing, important criteria, etc. (5 Marks)

B) You’ve always used Paracoco, a coconut oil brand, since childhood and saw your mother using it too. After years of using Paracoco, your needs have changed.
With the recent trend of cold-pressed, organic, virgin coconut oils you decide to switch to another brand. (5 Marks)
Corporate Finance
1. Miss Ninna is planning to open a boutique at link road. Her financial advisor says that its essential to take care and manage well the working capital, as it ensures smooth running of the operating cycle of business. However, there are various factors which affects the working capital management. If you being the financial advisor of Miss Ninna, discuss those factors in detail. (10 Marks)

2. Alpha limited is investing $500 million in a new project. The present values of the future after tax cash flows resulting from the project is $750 million. The company has 100 million shares outstanding, having market price of $45 per share. Assuming, the project being independent of other expectations about the company, Calculate the effect of -
• The new project on the value of the company on the company’s stock. (10 Marks)

3. The data related to two companies A and B , are as under-
Sales 500000 1000000
Variable cost 20% of sales 25% of sales
Fixed Cost 1.2 lacs 2 lacs
Interest 0.5 lacs 0.75lacs

i. Determine the operating and financial leverage (5 Marks)

ii. Determine the combined leverage for them. Also, comment on the relative risk position of the companies
Cost and Management Accounting

Question 1
AMMI Ltd presents following information for Dec,2018-
Budgeted production of product A = 20000 units
Standard consumption of raw material S= 5 kg per unit of A
Standard price of material S = Rs 10 per Kg
Actually, 22000 units of product A was produced and material S was purchased at Rs12 per kg and consumed at 5.2 kgs per unit of A.
Calculate the material cost variances and discuss the results. (10 Marks)

Question 2
You have decided to start up a venture for manufacturing gel pens. You plan to discuss the term cost and the essential elements of cost with your partner so as to find the suitability of various costs that can be incurred during the production. Design a presentation to discuss the same with the relevant examples. (10 Marks)

Question 3
Bhakti Ltd provides you the following information in relation to the year 2016-17 and 2017-18

2016-17 2017-18
Opening Stock(units) 100 500
Production (units) 1500 1800
Fixed Cost Rs 1lacs Rs 1.5 lacs
Variable Cost 120000 250000
Sales(units) 1900 1100
Selling price (Rs/ per unit) 500 700
Closing Stock( units) 200 500

Calculate the net profit and value of closing stock, using –
a. FIFO basis (5 Marks)

b. LIFO basis

Customer Relationship Management
1. The marketing department of an educational institution requires to be innovative and offer the best and most relevant programs for students and executives who look upto them for career growth. Why is it important to custom create CRM solutions for marketing departments in the learning and development industry?

2. How can one nail customer expectations and deliver a CRM solution which is comprehensive and incorporates all factors that make up an effective solution?
(10 Marks)

3. You are entrusted with the responsibility of setting up a supermarket like Hypercity in a metropolitan city of India. Most important parameter of your success would be great customer service and customer satisfaction. You need to orient your team to ensure the project is a success by preparing and answering the following questions.

a. What aspects are customers most dissatisfied with in metros and small towns in India? (5 Marks)
b. Discuss the elements of good customer service for supermarkets globally.

Capital Market and Portfolio Management
1. From the following information rank the mutual funds using Treynor ratio, if risk free rate of interest is 8%.

Mutual Funds Rp(Return) Standard Deviation Correlation coefficient with market
MF1 22% 25% 0.6
MF2 24% 17% 0.5
MF3 15% 11% 0.45
Market 20% 23%

2. Calculate the return as per CAPM for each of the company’s stock and identify and advice accordingly whether they are under-priced, overpriced or correctly priced. (Returns of T- Bill is 8%.) (10 Marks)
Stock Expected Return Beta
Infosys 24% 1.7
HUL 20% 1.4
Reliance Industries 15% 1.1
SBI 17% 1.2
Sensex 18%

3. Anil has completed his MBA and has joined a portfolio management company. The profile for which he was selected was to create and maintain the portfolio of retail clients. Before Anil interacted with the clients, his manager wanted to test his understanding of the same. In order to test his knowledge regarding investments, his manager ask him to prepare a presentation on:

a) Factors that impacts the investment decisions of a person. (5 Marks)
b) Difference between the two main classes of financial instruments that an investor uses in their portfolios. (5 Marks)
Business Ethics, Governance & Risk
1. As department manager, you are tasked with hosting an informal celebration in the office. The food budget is Rs. 20,000. Your next-door neighbour, Rhea Sharma, has just started her own catering business and asks to supply the food for your company’s celebration. Since she is just starting out, she'll do it at cost and provide extra items at no charge. Is there a conflict of interest here? What points might you want / need to consider while preparing to discuss her proposal with the department head? (10 Marks)

2. You have studied Business Ethics as a structured subject for the first time. Has it influenced your perception and understanding of the process of doing business, how? List 3 ways in which you see it helping you in your day-to-day business decision-making process, irrespective of your function and designation.
(10 Marks)

3A. It has become quite common to market/target products and services to children in certain advertising campaigns, be it consumer durables or food or FMCG products.
Is it ethical to market to children? Justify your answer giving valid reasons. (5 Marks)

3B. Pick a current popular advertisement from a national TV channel and critically analyze
as to what negative social / ethical messages it is conveying/re-enforcing and what can be changed in the advertisement to convey a positive social/ethical value of the product /service being marketed.

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